The Three Nuggeteers

Triboar Trail - Owlbear / Banshee

Session 6

The party spends some time in Phandalin, talking to various locals about jobs that need to be done. They learn of several to the east, talk to Agatha the banshee, find out what’s happening at Old Owl Well, and defeat the orc tribe hiding out at Wyvern Tor. They travel down the Triboar Trail, facing off against a hungry owlbear, and a wandering band of orcs before arriving in the abandoned town of Conyberry. Before resting for the evening, they take a trip to find Agatha the banshee. Upon finding her abode, they talk to her and manage to convince her to answer a single question, learning the location of the lost spellbook for Sister Garaele.


jstiles394 jstiles394

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