The Three Nuggeteers

Phandalin/Manor 1

Session 3

The party asks around town and finds out about the Redbrands. In addition, they learn of a captured family, and of Iarno Albrek, all last seen around Tresendar Manor, the Redbrand’s secret hideout. The party approaches Sleeping Giant Tap House, known to be frequented by the Redbrands. The party is harrassed and attacked by a group of them, but manage to defeat the group and capture one of the thugs. The party proceeds into the Manor intent on finding the captured family, finding Iarno Albrek, and defeating the leader of the Redbrands, Glasstaff. Upon entering the manor, the party fights off several Redbrand thugs and falls into a pit repeatedly.


jstiles394 jstiles394

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