The Three Nuggeteers

Old Owl Well / Wyvern Tor

Session 7

The party rests in Conyberry, then proceeds south towards Old Owl Well. After a bit of travel, the party finds the ruined watchtower of Old Owl Well, along with a nearby tent. Upon investigating the tower, the party finds it to be full of zombies. A conflict ensues, but is quickly halted by the emergence of Hamun Kost, a Red Wizard from Thay. The party and Hamun question each other, and Hamun agrees to provide information to the group if they clear out the band of orcs near Wyvern Tor. The party agrees, and heads further south towards Wyvern Tor. They arrive under cover of night, and manage to stealthily take out the sentries. The party storms the cave, taking out the orc’s ogre ally, but almost losing Aranon in the process.


jstiles394 jstiles394

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