The Three Nuggeteers

Manor 3 - Glasstaff / Phandalin

Session 5

The party decides to push further on into the cave, fearing for the captives since they cannot hide their passage. The party travels through Glasstaff’s workshop into his quarters, finding it very recently vacated. The party searches the room finding a suspicous looking letter addressed to Iarno Albrek from the Black Spider. They also find a recently used secret door, and give chase to Glasstaff. They find him fleeing in the next room. Glasstaff turns invisible, but the party manages to find and defeat him before he escapes. They take the body back to town, and Sildar identifies Glasstaff as his friend Iarno Albrek. The party heads back to free the captured family, deciding to brute force the bars and restraints. The family, grateful, points them in the direction of Thundertree, where they have a overrun shop with a valuable item left behind. The party finally returns to Phandalin, talking to various people who express their gratitude for defeating the Redbrands.


jstiles394 jstiles394

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