The Three Nuggeteers

Manor 2 - Nothic

Session 4

The party manages to find the captured family, but is unable to free them from their cells, as the bars are too strong, and they don’t have the key. Learning of their newfound ability to jump over pits, The party safely navigates back to the entrance. Through clever searching, they manage to find a secret door leading deeper into the manor. The party encounters a Nothic, a twisted creature that hungers for magic. The party strikes a deal with the creature, and continues scouting around the manor. They quickly turn back, as the rooms are scouted as dangerous. However, the Nothic tries to strike another deal. The party, tired of it’s games, refuse to strike a deal and attack it. They defeat the monster, but are wounded and low on spells.


jstiles394 jstiles394

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