The Three Nuggeteers

Hideout p1

Session 1

Rinloim, Aranon, and Sir Loin meet up on the Triboar Trail to deliver supplies for Gundren Rockseeker. They find Gundren and Sildar‘s dead horses, and they are ambushed by goblins as they inspect the scene. Rinloim and Sir Loin quickly fall, as Aranon puts the goblins to sleep. They manage to quickly dispatch their foes with their newfound advantage. They search the area, and find a trail leading to a hideout the goblins were using. They enter the hideout, cutting through goblins left and right until they face down Yeemik, the goblin leader. Yeemik threatens them with Sildar’s life, but the party manages to save Sildar, and defeat the goblins. Sildar informs the party of several things, but notably: Gundren and Sildar were attacked on the Triboar Trail on the order of the Black Spider, and Gundren had been taken to Cragmaw Castle. Gundren had recently found the entrance to Wave Echo Cave, which contains the legendary Forge of Spells, a tool ancient wizards used to create magical items.


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